Friday, March 26, 2010

Lookie Here Popeye!

I have read and re-read Elliot Coleman's, Winter Harvest Book and was sold on the idea until it got cold - and the idea of carrying one more bucket of water...I had just had enough for the year, so when the snow dropped last Fall I said goodbye to my attempt at "winter greens". BUT, low and behold, the blanket of snow did just that, it preserved my greens through our winter,and here we are in March enjoying fresh greens and spinach. Wahoo!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Belted Galloways

Sweet Fresca!
Grace and Ginger. Plastic ring is a weaning tool, not permanent.
Ginger hasn't learned to push Evan around yet, Grace will teach her to do that!
Fresca, again, trying to eat Grace's hat...
A trio of trouble in my future...
Ginger and Gilligan (photo shy) are coming to Heritage Hill Farm to live this Spring. We got them from MoonShadow farm in Starks.
LOVE the 2010 poster!