Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cilantro. Love. Hate.

I found this article Cilantro enlightening and true. Of my 16 folks that show up weekly for their CSA share, there is never a " hmm, I kinda like Cilantro". Its either love or hate. I figure to each there own. But me? I love the stuff. I am thankful it is growing next to my beans, so that while I am endlessly picking purple and green beans, I am accompanied by the lovely aroma of soon to be salsa, enchiladas, my favorite stir fry concoction or the newly discovered cilantro chutney.
How about you?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Zucchini Trifecta

3 great recipes, 2 large raven zucchini, 1 yawning husband = exciting Sat night at the farm.

Zucchini bread courtesy of "my" great aunt Betty - a favorite with the kids!

Zucchini brownies - yum and moist, practically good for you!
Zucchini and garlic soup - success yet to be determined, recipe says its better the next day... but it smells fantastic!

Wait, I just blended the soup, added the ginger, ooh, its way yum. And freezer friendly since there is no dairy in it. Try them all, in your next free 3 or so hours, ahuh.....


Grace found this on the car window today. We were all totally intrigued, grossed out and filled with heebeee geebees. Here's a top view of one :
Its called a hag moth larva. Apparently its looking for our apple trees and got way-layed on the mini-van...