Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Day1: Huh, there's a dead skunk out on the road near the house. Can't even smell it it. Cool.

Day 2: Uh-oh. Can you smell that? Egads, I hope its just the dead skunk and not a different one.

Day3: Same skunk, still stinky. Somebody just keeps shmucking it as they drive by... stirring up the stink.

Day 4: Even stinkier than a skunk, is a 4 day-dead skunk smeared all over wet dog. ^%$ing dog!

Bright Lights Chard

Allstar Lettuce Mix

Maxigolt Shell Peas

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yes, I still work around the farm!

I just get up early, get the chores done, then enjoy the afternoon on the lake. See...

critters first...
layers, and Randy the Rooster, and ducks

then the broilers...

then a morning 'hello' to the belties

then a distant 'allo' to the longhorns,


2 days ago she wouldn't even go in the water.

Dock expanded, huge shade umbrella bolted on, ladder installed.

Built to endure this many kids!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today is the first real day of summer vacation (for reals - as Evan says).
AM- garden/farm,
MID- garden,
We put the dock in on Sunday, 4 of 8 pieces at least, and got to enjoy it tonight with the kids. We brought Grandma Penny's picnic basket and the diggity-dogs and everyone went swimming. We even saw 2 loons swim by - which made the whole evening.