Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Zucchini Trifecta

3 great recipes, 2 large raven zucchini, 1 yawning husband = exciting Sat night at the farm.

Zucchini bread courtesy of "my" great aunt Betty - a favorite with the kids!

Zucchini brownies - yum and moist, practically good for you!
Zucchini and garlic soup - success yet to be determined, recipe says its better the next day... but it smells fantastic!

Wait, I just blended the soup, added the ginger, ooh, its way yum. And freezer friendly since there is no dairy in it. Try them all, in your next free 3 or so hours, ahuh.....


  1. Yum, going to made the brownies tonight. Have some shredded zuchinni I need to use. Made the blueberry-lime jam last night, family LOVED it!

  2. Your kids will be the envy all the school with those brownies in their lunch bags. I am thinking some choc chips in the batter might be a delicious addition to the recipe.