Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cabbage anyone?

Did you know rabbits are not supposed to eat cabbage? At least that's what a friend told me, they apparently cannot pass gas so it causes intestinal distress for them. All these years her husband has been trying to get rid of the those bunnies and he has never fed them cabbage - he must secretly like those furry things....

Anyway, I digress. Yesterday I planted way too much cabbage - 96 plants to be exact, yes I counted them twice. Three different varieties, I hope any CSA members who may be reading this are now away from their computers and finding cabbage recipes. Personally I am going to make one fantastically huge batch of coleslaw for our annual pigroast this year!

I also had a few revelations about our varieties of lettuce while I was weeding and taste testing- some are delicious and some are still a little bitter ( any ex-husband jokes out there?) Most of the veggies are looking good - the peas have my tummy rumbling every time I look at the vines creeping higher and higher on the trellis - enough rain, come on sunshine! Flea beetles are also taste testing a few things out there, most specifically the pac choi, so I have plans to dose them with some neem oil soap tomorrow and re-seed a few places.

All the critters are happy, no more foxy-loxy out there (knock on wood). We are suppose to get a fence up in the next week so we can have some long horn catttle decorate the pasture this summer along with the pigs and broilers. So many projects, not enough husbands....

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