Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ack, 2 weeks behind!

But I have a good excuse - well 8 to be exact, with 32 feet, 8 snouts and 8 curly tails. The first break out of the notorious P-I-G gang was Thursday pm, while talking to our last CSA person picking up their goods. Grace says "mom, isn't that a pig?" and points to a pig standing 15 ft from the porch. It actually took a moment for it to register, that indeed, it was a pig in the driveway. Then I started repeating a phrase like "oh junk, oh junk, oh junk", seriously not a swear word in sight ( I had 3 kids within ear shot) and the pigs aren't dangerous, they are just big bumbling hungry heads, so I didn't want anyone to completely freak out. So after about 10 minutes of scrambling to find food to lure the pigs back into their pasture and re-adjusting the electric fence to create a secure area, I looked the pigs over to assess any damages. No harm, but they were covered in black greasy gunk, hmmmm, where had they been? So another stroll around and I discovered they had gotten into the tractor shed and knocked over buckets of used motor oil and rolled in that awhile - perhaps to mask their own stink? Soooo, just like the commercials post-Exxon Valdese, I was out in the the pig pen with my Dawn dish soap, and bucket of water singing splish-splash songs with the pigs. They loved the rub-a-dub and the bubbles, but I had a hell of a time hosing them down. Where is all the rain when I actually need it??

SO, here is my newsletter from this past week, and the week before ( no good excuse for that one).

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  1. I just laughed hysterically at that! I can just picture those cheeky buggers doing that.
    Tales of my visit coming soon!