Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Seemingly Simple Week

The week started off nicely - finally a forecast for sun all week, reasonable temps and Chance with a few days off in a row - I should have known better. Although we have spoken about remodeling certain parts of the house, I am never sure when the grand poohbah is going to start the actual demo until I see the saws-all blade poking through a wall or door - its a feeling that has seemingly become less shocking over the years. Hey - I still agreed to marry him after he had demolished a wall in MY house while I was at work and without any real discussion or plan....

Anywhoooo, the kitchen has entered its final phase (hopefully) of remodelling... I could try to detail it with words, but pictures speak volumes. All this and we still don't really know what kind of view we'll have because we had to plastic the whole side of the house to protect the new area from this silly torential rain and freaking cold temps (seriously - its still August!) A word to the wise - yes, children and in-laws can sleep through hammering, electric staple guns, electric drills and profanity at 1 am....



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