Saturday, August 29, 2009

My cute kids

need I say more...

A Seemingly Simple Week

The week started off nicely - finally a forecast for sun all week, reasonable temps and Chance with a few days off in a row - I should have known better. Although we have spoken about remodeling certain parts of the house, I am never sure when the grand poohbah is going to start the actual demo until I see the saws-all blade poking through a wall or door - its a feeling that has seemingly become less shocking over the years. Hey - I still agreed to marry him after he had demolished a wall in MY house while I was at work and without any real discussion or plan....

Anywhoooo, the kitchen has entered its final phase (hopefully) of remodelling... I could try to detail it with words, but pictures speak volumes. All this and we still don't really know what kind of view we'll have because we had to plastic the whole side of the house to protect the new area from this silly torential rain and freaking cold temps (seriously - its still August!) A word to the wise - yes, children and in-laws can sleep through hammering, electric staple guns, electric drills and profanity at 1 am....



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Week 9 - on the downhill slide...

No major mishaps this week. Well the pigs did get out 2 more times, but they are now predictable and easy to convince with aromatic suggestions such as peanut butter and corn in a bucket. So with things the way they are these days - that is not a major mishap.

Oh man the garden produce is just getting better and better ( in my opinion). A bountiful source of food, exercise, education, companionship and entertainment. Here is this weeks newsletter with a chard recipe my mom found/tweaked and had available for members today at pickup. Folks said they liked it and would try it at home - we'll see if they actually do... Next week we'll try to make members love turnips and beets (eeew).

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ack, 2 weeks behind!

But I have a good excuse - well 8 to be exact, with 32 feet, 8 snouts and 8 curly tails. The first break out of the notorious P-I-G gang was Thursday pm, while talking to our last CSA person picking up their goods. Grace says "mom, isn't that a pig?" and points to a pig standing 15 ft from the porch. It actually took a moment for it to register, that indeed, it was a pig in the driveway. Then I started repeating a phrase like "oh junk, oh junk, oh junk", seriously not a swear word in sight ( I had 3 kids within ear shot) and the pigs aren't dangerous, they are just big bumbling hungry heads, so I didn't want anyone to completely freak out. So after about 10 minutes of scrambling to find food to lure the pigs back into their pasture and re-adjusting the electric fence to create a secure area, I looked the pigs over to assess any damages. No harm, but they were covered in black greasy gunk, hmmmm, where had they been? So another stroll around and I discovered they had gotten into the tractor shed and knocked over buckets of used motor oil and rolled in that awhile - perhaps to mask their own stink? Soooo, just like the commercials post-Exxon Valdese, I was out in the the pig pen with my Dawn dish soap, and bucket of water singing splish-splash songs with the pigs. They loved the rub-a-dub and the bubbles, but I had a hell of a time hosing them down. Where is all the rain when I actually need it??

SO, here is my newsletter from this past week, and the week before ( no good excuse for that one).

Monday, August 10, 2009

Farm Pictures

first week of August

2 week earlier...

Finally the sun is shining. Here are some recent pictures around the farm.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Late with the newsletter again

It must be because there are soooo many veggies growing in the garden. I have finally been successful at growing yellow veggies, now we are waiting for those green tomatoes to show their true beautiful red colors. Come on sunshine!!!