Monday, February 28, 2011

Where did the time go?

Welcome to 2011. I considered trying to do a post a day - but I know myself better and I doubt very much there are people out there reading this blog.

So here it is another snow day, tomorrow is the first day of March and plans are underway for the 2011 CSA. We are excited to offer more shares this year, and an expanded variety of veggies.  No beef this year, less stress for working in the garden wondering when Billy the Bull may wander over to say 'hey' and eat my watermelons....  Pork will be done on a limited basis.  Broiler chickens - we're are still trying to decide about, trying to keep our focus on the vegetables and kids and family. 
That's it for now.  


  1. I think you are under estimating the amount of people who read your blog! I very much enjoy reading about your progress and trying out the new recipes you share.

  2. Its too bad you arent offering the beef this year...we got a 1/4 beef critter in December and it is the best beef we have had. It was also great to know that it was raised locally! I wish you the best with the veggie garden though I am sure it will be plenty of work to keep the whole family busy.