Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hail Warning

After returning from a wonderful birthday party with the kids on Sunday, Chance called from work to say we might get a hail storm and that I should cover the new seedlings. Can't he do math? 96 cabbage + a bajillion broccoli + a multitude of cauliflower + another bajillion newly planted brussel sprouts equals - its not happening.

So I head out with oodles of 4-inch pots to cover the seedlings in an attempt to protect them from the possible hail {thanks to Melanie who gave me 300+ plastic 4-inch pots from geraniums planted on Memorial day that were destined for the garbage} After placing about 75 pots face down over seedlings, snugged right into the freshly tilled soil, the first gust blew. There go 15 pots across the garden!

So I head out with oodles of 4-inch pots and bailing wire. After placing at least 100 pots securely over the seedlings I realize I am not going to have enough for all the plants! I felt a little like Sophie trying to decide which plants to try and protect. After being soaked and sore, I began to not care and just placed them over all the brand new transplants and enough of each type of other potential victim for a variety and called it quits.

It did hail a few hours later, if only for a minute or so, but we were rewarded with one of the many blessings of our location - an amazing full rainbow and the start of a double rainbow too! ( and all the seedlings were fine!)

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