Saturday, June 20, 2009

The pigs are out!

The pigs are out to the pasture, I took a video of them running through the tall grass with daisies, dandilions and clover, and I could almost hear the sound of music playing the "hills are alive with the sound of music..." They were VERY happy.

TWO days later: A pig is out! As in - out of the fence! Chance was at work but thankfully the kids were in bed. It took a bucket of corn and a good shove through the barn door into the chicken coop to get him back into the pig pen.

TWO MORE days later: The pigs are out! This time 4 pigs lolly-gagging around when Chance drove into the driveway. Mister big pants just lifted up the fence posts and shooed them back into the pasture

TODAY: The pigs are back in the courtyard, a nice secured rock wall fence, til we figure out why the electric fence isn't working....

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