Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WT Breakfast

Apparently my children are spoiled in the breakfast department.
Each morning they are faced with at least 3 choices for what they'd like to eat. Obviously, eggs is one choice, something baked, or cereal. Until recently they have never wanted cereal because I wouldn't buy the sugar cereal. But then, I realized how quickly they eat sugar cereal, and we can move on to the next part of our day, and there is some nutritional value in there somewhere - calcium , right?

Now, I knew I was running low on flour, so I had been incorporating 50:50 white to wheat flour in my recipes. First a loaf of bread, then bagels, then I tried pizza dough (to which Grace said ' and please don't use wheat flour!') I love to bake and to not have fresh bagels or muffins or bread around is not normal. So I find myself after a long weekend, and an extra 2 days home with Grace being sick, completely out of bread, bagels, muffins, and flour. Of course they wanted waffles. We hadn't had waffles in awhile after the OD we got during maple season, so I thought hmmm, yummy! Again, no bread, no flour, and I started to scrounge, and found... wait for it... yes, hot dog buns! To my brother who is completely horrified right now, wait, let me explain. They are the type of buns without the crust - when split down the middle they look like small texas toast dipping sticks. So, I took 2 duck eggs, some vanilla soy milk for sweetener, skim milk and cinnamon and made the best french toast sticks ever, seriously the kids loved them! And, picky- not so trusting of mommy's cooking-Grace requested them again today for breakfast!

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